Welcome to Craft Nation!

Our Story

Craft Nation was born from my passion for arts and craft. As a child, I remembered how much joy and happiness craft brought me.  

Growing up in a multicultural society like Australia, I had the opportunity to experience and live amongst many cultures. Through my travels I became fascinated with the way locals used arts and crafts as a form of self expression and as a way to document their cultures and way of life. 

My mission with Craft Nation is to create truly memorable, fun experiences for children through hands-on art and craft activities while they learn about the world.

Craft Nation activity packs are designed to introduce children to world culture in a fun and interactive way. Children get to complete several craft projects and learn about a country's culture, cuisine, wildlife, famous landmarks and festivals.

I hope the craft activities will inspire curiosity about the world we live in and encourage conversations about diversity and acceptance.

"I truly hope your children can join us in this creative journey and enjoy the activities."

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